We’re here to help you with all your healthcare needs.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or need help with any non-emergency healthcare issue give us a call.  Always call 911 for emergencies.


(800) 581-HALO
or (800) 581-4256 

As a new member, what are your first steps?

  •  Our Healthy Halo customer service team should have reached out to you for your welcome and orientation call. If you have not yet had this call, please call the number above, (800) 581-HALO or 4256.
  • Your AlieraCare Member Guide contains everything you need to know regarding your healthcare plan. For your Member Guide, please click here.
  • The Member Guide booklet is included in your membership kit which will arrive at your mailing address within 14 business days after your plan’s effective date.
  • Your temporary card is included below. Please print it and use it until you receive your permanent card in your membership kit.
  • Access your Member Portal to view and update your personal or payment information. Go to www.alierahealthcare.com and select Member Login in the navigation menu, and then select Member Portal. Register your account and keep your login information in a safe place for future reference. 

Here’s how to register your account with Aliera.

On or After your Effective Date 

(Important: Telemedicine cannot be accessed until on or after your Plan effective date)

  • Activate and verify your Membership card. Click here for instructions.
  • Access your Claims Portal for the ability to manage your information and get answers to provider, claims, and benefit questions. Visit www.alierahealthcare.com and select “Members” in the top menu bar and select “Login”. Then click “New Member Registration” to create your login information.
  • Complete your registration with FirstCall Telemedicine. Access FirstCall by visiting www.FirstCallTelemed.com to register your account or call 1-866-920-DOCS (1-866-920-3627) for assistance.
    Click here for instructions or call Healthy Halo for assistance – (800) 581-HALO or 4256

    FirstCall Telemedicine login information is not provided, please complete registration to obtain login information.

If You Need To Use Your Benefits Right Away

  • Until you receive your permanent ID card, use the temporary card. Your membership is active and you can immediately begin to take advantage of your benefits.
  • If you have a medical emergency, always call 911.

  • If you feel ill and need assistance, first call FirstCall at 1-866-920-3627 and speak to a medical representative. Remember: activate your account on or after your effective date.
  • After speaking with First Call, if they suggest you should have an in-person visit with your doctor, call us at Healthy Halo and take your next step there. (800) 581-HALO or 4256

Healthy Halo Is Here To Help

Our friendly and highly experienced staff is ready to help you with all your questions and concerns about your membership. Whether you have a question regarding your services, need assistance, or have a special request  just call us at (800) 581-HALO or 4256.
We have people standing by to assist you weekdays  from 9am to 5pm Pacific time,
Evenings and weekends you can still call, and be guided to the right place.